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ID#479881 19-04-09 09:31 Ad viewed 5 time(s)

"Think and Grow Rich" Success

Ask yourself questions like. What led me to this thought. What Subliminal Guru Review would be a better solution or way to handle the situation I'm facing., 3. What would allow me to overcome this challenge., 4. What is another potential outcome in this situation., 5. What would be the worst thing that could happen., 6. If the worst thing that could happen did happen, how would that affect me. Is the effect really that bad. Is it fatal. These questions are a great way of combating limiting self-talk. While you are in the middle of listening to your negative self-talk, stop your thoughts mid-stream by saying "Stop". If your surroundings allow you to say this out loud, do so. The physical act of saying "stop" out loud will make you better aware of the frequency in which you are stopping negative thoughts, when it happens, where you are when it happens, and what is happening right before it.
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