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ID#479926 19-04-09 12:55 Ad viewed 8 time(s)

Fear of Success - Are You Really Saying Yes?

You become what you think about, and Mind System Secrets Review countless other quotes remind us that thoughts are things. For most of us, the voice inside that says, Who do you think you are. What makes you think you can be so great. like a relentless tidal wave, on and on, is unfortunately much louder than the voice that says, I possess all the attributes I need to become a fantastically successful business person, and every day I am learning more. And sometimes the volume button can be turned up so loud it completely drowns out the sound of our positive thoughts. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to 'flick the switch'. The conscious mind is only capable of focusing on one thought at a time. Armed with this knowledge and a healthy chunk of self-discipline, every time you notice a negative army of thoughts taking up residence, you can make the conscious effort to replace those thoughts.
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