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ID#480172 19-04-15 17:34 Ad viewed 9 time(s)

RLZ Male Enhancement Loss of consciousness, reduced legs and other unusual reactions during orgasm - a sign of complete relaxation. This may mean that the girl is fully formed in terms of sex and is able to relax. The whole power of love for one another is especially pronounced during intimacy. However, sometimes the intimate life of partners is complicated. For example, when sexual intercourse gives a woman not pleasure and pleasure, but discomfort and even pain. Situations where girls avoid sexual acts or reduce their numbers to a minimum are not so rare. Then comes the realization that something is wrong with a woman. But in fact, problems can be easily solved. There are several main ones. Not enough lubrication. In some cases, the pain during intimacy can be caused by a short prelude. In other words, the girl does not have time to get excited, and she produces an insufficient amount of lubricant. If the foreplay is done longer, the problem can be eliminated. However, not always the lack of lubrication can be explained by a short prelude. For example, with excessive use of alcohol and during lactation, an increase in it will not work. Then the situation can be corrected if you use special lubricant gels that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Vaginal infection. Various diseases can also cause pain during intercourse, for example, thrush, herpes, Chlamydia. But, as a rule, these infections also cause itching and burning, unpleasant vaginal discharge. In order to avoid infecting a partner, you must use a condom, as well as contact a specialist to prescribe treatment. Hypersensitivity. The vagina is very sensitive.
Country: USA
Name: layla simber
Phone: 876-512-0566
Web Site: