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ID#489671 19-08-10 10:24 Ad viewed 14 time(s)

advanced iq As they gather around dinner table, the man is not able to listen carefully as he is still in high Beta, and the conversation may turn negatively. Many unnecessary arguments and disputes, including marital problems and business failures result from being stuck in Beta waves. Under normal processes, we change our brain frequency as we move from one behavior to another. As you drive and then enter your home and relax on the couch, this process takes time, and in many cases longer than needed. Sometimes you don't have enough time to wait for the natural process to occur. During an important meeting, you don't have enough time to recover from driving anxiety. On the other hand, some studies show that some people are "stuck" in one brainwave state. They do not have the natural ability of the brain to shift freely between different states. Being "stuck" in one main state means the brain activity will be out of balance.

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