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ID#492359 19-09-11 15:41 Ad viewed 12 time(s)

In his best-selling book "The pH Miracle," Dr. Robert Young says: "Pain cannot exist without acidity and acidity cannot be present without pain." The human body requires a balance of acidity and alkalinity to function well. However,  Pharma Flex RX  Americans have a tendency to become overly acidic due to stress and the consumption of processed foods, carbohydrates, sugars, red meat, and sodas. Very simply, acidity causes inflammation while alkalinity reduces it. An excess of acid in the body causes increased amounts of calcium, minerals, and acid toxins to deposit in the joints, resulting in inflammation and pain. Over time, this can lead to joint pain and arthritic conditions. Decreasing sources of acid and increasing your intake of alkalizing foods and drinks will help restore healthy pH levels and help relieve the pain and stiffness in your joints. Avoiding acidic foods can be confusing with lemons, which are alkalizing rather than acidic, as a prime example.

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